Chest Wall can be benign or malignant. Most of the malignant tumours have spread from cancers in other parts of the body but about 5 % are primary tumours. Tumors of the chest wall include those that grow on the ribs and sternum and those that arise from soft tissues of the chest wall.These tumors usually cause no symptom and present as a lump growing in the chest wall.  They usually do not cause any symptoms and present as a lump growing in the chest wall. Occasionally they may cause local pain.chest-wall-tumours

A biopsy is usually needed for diagnosis:

  • In general, treatment is wide local excision, the margins for malignant disease are necessarily wider, and adjuvant radiation is typically given for those with positive margins. Chemotherapy is rarely effective. Local control is the most important prognostic factor
  • For small lesions, the resection and reconstruction is usually straightforward. For more advanced disease or those lesions that require significant functional loss, preoperative planning using a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, radiation medicine, oncology, and physical medicine and rehabilitation, may be essential

Because of the complexity of surgery in many cases, you need to go to a centre with experience. We at Fortis have considerable experience of working with these tumours.